Watercolor Painting Techniques

One of the most interesting pieces of information that you could find was about watercolor painting techniques. The tutorials and educational classes promoted by the website do not address professionals, but people of all ages, even children who are eager to learn. What is more is that in order to be able to make some art using watercolor painting techniques, one does not have to be an expert at drawing. Of course certain skills are an advantage, but all techniques can be learned and the skills can be improved via constant practice. So the first steps would be to start playing with the brush and the watercolors, so as to get acquainted to them. Charging the brush with each color testing it on the paper helps getting to know how the use of different angles can influence the resulting stroke. Trying lines and big splotches of color is the next step. Then follows the mixing of different colors. Playing with the colors not only helps master certain techniques available in the tutorials, but is also recreational and very healthy for one’s imagination and psychological development.