Art Paintings and Art Gallerys

If you are passionate about finding out the latest news on art exhibits in New York City, about art exhibits in Los Angeles, modern art exhibits and so on and so forth, why not check out the exhibits offered to you by art centers across America. The Annual holiday Show is a tradition at the arts Center of America.

Many of our friends who have attended or are attending art classes have produced works of art of such amazing quality that their being exhibited is simply a must. Moreover, modern art exhibits are meant to inspire those who are now learning about the secrets of painting, sculpting, photography, media and other classes that we offer.

Since past exhibits have enjoyed a remarkable success, future exhibits will be held. Information about the call for entries will be available on many of the websites for these art centers, well in advance of each exhibition, so that all people who are interested can apply. The calendar of each exhibit will also be made available. Usually, each modern art exhibit starts with an opening reception, where all our friends have the opportunity to meet the artist or the artists and admire their works.

Artists talks have also proven to be not only very popular but also quite useful, therefore we intend to maintain the tradition of “gallery gab” artist talks. Most of the exhibits that have been organized so far are scheduled for November and December, but there are also exceptions to this rule. Since most of our art classes take place between the months of January and May, many art centers intend to organize many exhibitions throughout the rest of the year. The exhibits will remain at the public’s disposal for the entire period of the show, which will be made public also at the respective art center’s website.