The Reingold Fallout Phenomenon

You may have heard of one of the most recent Reingold exhibits, called “Fallout: Beauty Lost And Found”. It is one of the most successful Babs Reingold shows. In the arts gallery that hosted the show, Reingold lead the participants on a journey about losing beauty and then regaining it. This is very different from her past exhibitions but it was a huge success and it opened a new dimension to Babs Reingold’s artistic creativity. Basically, the exhibition is about recording hair loss ever since 2005. Hair symbolizes beauty and moreover, it symbolizes sexuality. Hair is perceived differently in different cultures. For different reasons some choose to hide their hair, precisely because it’s a powerful symbol of sexuality, whereas other not only show it, but cherish it. Centuries ago, lovers used to give each other a lock of hair as souvenir, in other circumstances people would keep a lock of hair inside their bible or in a diary. It was usually the lock of hair of someone they loved. The Reingold Fallout exhibition transports the viewers through a wide range of sensations, through the different meanings of different gestures that have to do with the hair and also, the Reingold Fallout exhibition manages to overturn the preconception that hair is repulsive. In 2005 she decided to keep a record of her daily hair loss, which she would pick and lock into a plastic lock bag. This daily ritual became a way of recuperating the beauty each of us lose every day without even knowing it. If you witnessed this exhibition at the arts gallery you probably realized that it goes way beyond keeping track of lost beauty, it is an artistic act that opens a gate between the present and the past, focusing on how someone who is deep in the now may have a different perspective on one’s own past beauty and sexuality. With this new perspective in mind you might have a different opinion about her other recent exhibitions you may be attending.