Fantastic collages from natural materials

collages from natural materials 2Today collages have become very popular kind of art. You can make a collage from a variety of materials. It can be made from photos, from ready images from the Internet in Photoshop, but you can make really great pictures from scrap materials. This is what Bridget Collins makes. She creates incredible collages from natural materials.

Bridget Collins became known throughout the world because she creates beautiful works from the harvested plants. So she wants to show that the best thing in the world is given to us by nature. Her elegant, sometimes whimsical pictures are loved not only by children but also by adults. Lives and works such a wonderful and young sorceress in the area of Seattle. Here she collects material for future works regularly walking around the gardens and fields. She uses all of what can be found on the Pacific coast of northwestern America. All her collages are filled with deep meaning. To create birds and butterflies she uses flower petals. Berries are magically transformed into marine fantasy creatures. And from leaves she masterfully creates human faces and images.

collages from natural materials 3

Already from a young age Bridget Collins felt tremulous love to the nature. As a child, she loved to roam the mountain fields and meadows, mountain climbing, hiking. But all these were not limited to outdoor activities and entertainment. In her imagination she drew fantastic images of fairy tale characters and creatures. Gradually she started trying to recreate them from her memory using the scrap materials that she found in the meadows and forests.

Bridget Collins admits that in the childhood she imagined herself a fabulous fairy. Collecting plants, drying them in books and making them into beautiful collages she played an important role – passed on the heritage of nature to people, trying to show how rich, beautiful and unique our land is. But even having matured, she has not lost the inspiration and desire to create. On the contrary she makes that even more professionally and with greater skills.

collages from natural materials

Walking along the street images and pictures of the future collage and works are born themselves in her head. Bridget is sure that it is the very nature that tells her the next steps for action, thus endorsing her activity and efforts.

“I’m going for a walk in my neighborhood, or carry home a bouquet from the market, and I see the tail of a whale in the leaf of a shamrock or outline snake in the stonecrop caustic,” she says. For her collages Bridget Collins uses not only the flowers and leaves, but some fruits also, such as lemons or oranges. Look how much grace and poetry is in the way she combines flowers and leaves. One feels that her talent is first and foremost a perfect understanding of harmony and nature beauty.