US: art as a profession

US art as a professionThe education received in the United States, is considered to be prestigious and expensive. Education in the field of art is one of the most avant-garde, albeit slightly superficial, but commercially oriented. So if you really want to make a contribution to the future and with lack of money, perhaps it is a choice for you.

Prestige, decent employment at the end of the program – that is something that is worth fighting for. You are offered the most interesting US University for people who want to devote themselves to art and design.

University of California (UCLA), Los Angeles

The university, founded in 1919, released from its walls several Nobel laureates. With art environment it is linked by two schools. The first is the School of Arts and Architecture. The second educational establishment is called the School of Theater, Film and Television. Among the faculties: architecture and urban design, art, design and media, art and culture; dance, music, theater, cinema and television, digital media.

To enroll in baccalaureate, you need to pay $ 80 for an application. Deadline is November, however, the load on the portfolio site can be made before the end of January. When a foreigner, it is necessary to submit the following documents: language test results, annual earnings (parent or personal), to indicate his citizenship application, provide proof of his immigration status or the type of visa.

After loading the portfolio the questionnaire is filled and sent a small motivational essay in 300 words, CV (with an indication of the professional activity).

On admission to the master’s degree or graduate, the school applications cost increases, but the cost of education may fall several times. From past diplomas GPA is required – “good” and above.

The university sends the originals and translations of notarized diplomas, recommendation letters, cover letters, portfolio, the assurance of solvency, and results of language texts – IELTS or TOEFL. If English is not free, you may be asked to attend a language course before the semester.

Tuition fees: Depending on the program it varies from $ 11,000 – to over $ 30,000 per year.